Objectives: Detail Project Report preparati

Objectives: To provide occupational off sea

Objective: To provide advance level tailori

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Objectives: Declaration of Water Safe Communities in selected communiti

Objectives: The main goal of the program is to contribute towards pov

Objectives: The main goal of the program is to contribute towards pov

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Objectives of the Organization:

  • This organization shall be a non-profit oriented and for public welfare.
  • To aware community/society by promoting sustainable development initiatives through social mobilization.
  • To play pro-active roles for environment protection, bio-diversity conservation, and its effective management.
  • To play pro-active roles for rational use of renewal energy and energy rights.
  • To implement preventive and curative public health services to promote essential health services.
  • To increase awareness and advocacy on rights to development of disadvantaged groups in the areas of conflict transformation, sustainable peace building, human rights, women rights, child rights and social inclusion.
  • To support optimum local resource mobilization for community based infrastructure and human development.
  • To support socialization and social transformation process through active involvement in the areas of informal and formal education development programme.
  • To empower women, children, scheduled caste people, disable, indigenous people by their active involvement in the skill development activities, enhance access in service delivery by right based approach.
  • To conduct campaign against human trafficking, domestic violence, social imperfection.
  • To carry out activities against drug abuse, epidemic, endemic, pandemic disease, infectious diseases like STD, HIV/AIDS, Cancer for physical, mental and social wellbeing of human life.
  • To promote and protect local species of seeds, organic farming, Parma culture farming technique by modernizing and commercialization in agriculture system.
  • To assist community for safe drinking water, sanitation and personal hygiene and improved irrigation related activities.
  • To assist community for activities related to information technologies, tourism promotion.
  • To assist community people for community infrastructure development and implementation of related activities effectively.
  • To enhance self-reliance and livelihood of community people by implementing skill development, service-oriented, income generation and employment generation activities.
  • To enhance employment and income generation opportunities of disadvantaged people like poor, women, scheduled caste, and people from deprive sectors by commercialization in herbs in the areas of collection, processing and harvesting.
  • To increase public awareness level by providing environment conservation related trainings and education.
  • To carry out status observation and survey of plants, habitant of wildlife.
  • To conduct research and development on natural resources like forest, environment, soil and water.
  • To conduct awareness raising activities, research and development, policy advocacy in the areas of disaster risk management.
  • To sensitize people the extent of disaster risk management is directly to individual’s fundamental rights and closely related to international humanitarian law and also human rights.
  • To carry out relief and aid related activities during the disaster and natural calamities in coordination with local authorities and local bodies.
  • To carry out study, research, trainings, sharing related activities in coordination with government and non-government organization/agencies.
  • To participate in different social/community development related activities.
  • To assist for conduction of safer Migration related activities.

Contact Information

  • Civic Forum for Sustainable Development
  • P.O. Box No. 33, Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok Nepal,
  • Phone : +977-11-490744, +977-9851254762
  • Email : info@civicforum.org.np

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