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Construction of WASH facilities in Selected Pre-Fab Health Posts in Kavre District


  • Construct, repair and rebuild or existing water supply system in selected 3 Pre-Fab health Posts.

  • Connect the water supply from the sources.

  • Build the capacity of local people through plumbing repairing training.

  • Build capacity of CSO staffs in report writing, financial and logistics management and community mobilization


Key Activities:

  • Need Assessment.

  • Technical Survey with Cost Estimation.

  • Selection of Vendors, and agreement with service providers.

  • Transportation of Materials and Equipments.

  • Repair, Rehab or Construct WASH facilities in Health Posts.

  • Connect from nearest water source or improve Water Supplies at HPs.

  • Monitoring of the program by Program Coordinator (PC), Technical Person, Executive Committee (EC), Executive Director (ED), district level stakeholders and UNICEF Nepal.


Project period: 4 months (28th April, 2017 to 27th August, 2017)

Project Location: Gairibisauna Deupur, Chapakhori and Thuloparsel Pre-Fab Heath Posts 

Funding Partner (s): UNICEF Nepal, Country Office

Implementation Partner (s): Health Posts


Major Achievements:

  • Completed connection of improved and safe water supply system in 3 pre-fab health posts.
  • 10 local people got an opportunity to participate in basic knowledge on plumbing and sanitary works.
  • 10 different sets of plumbing kits/equipments were provided which will help to improve the water facilities in Health Posts as local technicians.
  • 9 members including CSO Executive committee members and staffs gained the skills in report writing, financial & logistic management and community mobilization.
  • In Chapakhori Health Post, The water supply work has been completed. Likewise, a 25 thousand liter underground tank has been constructed for rainwater harvesting and filtering of the rain water from the underground tank is completed and is connected to the pre-fab building. 2753 People (1346 Male, 1407 Female with 794 Children) are the beneficiaries according to pre-fab WASH assessment data.
  • In Gairibisauna Health post, the water supply work has been completed. Intake has been constructed in the water source and improvement of the reservoir tank has been done and is connected to the pre-fab building. 5374 People (2497 Male, 2877 Female with 1460 children) are the beneficiaries according to pre-fab WASH assessment data.
  • In Thuloparsel, The water supply work has been completed. Layering of 250m of pipelines form has been done. Polytank has been set up on a tank stand and water supply to the pre-fab has been done. 2476 People (1126 Male and 1350 female with 675 Children) are the beneficiaries according to pre-fab WASH assessment data.

Contact Information

  • Civic Forum for Sustainable Development
  • P.O. Box No. 33, Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok Nepal,
  • Phone : +977-11-490744, +977-9851254762
  • Email : info@civicforum.org.np

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