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Open Defecation Free (ODF) declaration support for sanitation facilitator’s mobilization and triggering Campaign in Khanikhola Rural Municipality in Kavre District


  • To carry out sanitation campaign in the community and ensure the construction and usage of latrine in all the households.

  • To make the ODF declaration of Khanikhola Rural Municipality of Kavrepalanchok District possible.


Key Activities:

  • Facilitation in formation of the Rural Municipality Water Sanitation and Hygiene Coordination Committee (RM-WASH-CC) in Rural Municipality level.

  • Data collection regarding Latrine construction and usage condition in each wards of the rural municipality through baseline survey.

  • Discussion and Program conduction in the ward offices based on the collected data.

  • Formation and mobilization of ward level Ward Water Sanitation and Hygiene Coordination Committee (W-WASH-CC) in each wards of the Rural Municipality.

  • Facilitation in regular coordination committee meeting conduction, Progress review and implementation of plans for problem solving.

  • Conduction of discussions regarding the importance of latrine, drinking water and sanitation in the ward and community level to motivate people towards latrine conduction.

  • Triggering people in household level.

  • Facilitation in economic Latrine construction through the use of local materials in construction.

  • Regular progress monitoring of latrine construction and usage.

  • Distribution of toilet pan and pipes provided by the Rural Municipality and assist in latrine construction.

  • Flow of message regarding Safe drinking water and sanitation.


Project period: 3 Months (31st December, 2017 to 29th March, 2018)

Project Location: Khanikhola Rural Municipality Kavrepalanchok district 

Funding Partner (s): Water Supply and Sanitation Division Office (WSSDO), Kavrepalanchok


Major Achievements:

  • Data update including name list regarding the situation of latrine construction and usage in the households of the Rural Municipality.
  • Formation of Rural Municipality Water and Sanitation Hygiene Coordination Committee (RM-WASH-CC) in rural municipality level.
  • Formation of Ward Water Sanitation and Hygiene Coordination Committee (W-WASH-CC) in ward level of the rural municipality.
  • Increment of Coverage of the Rural Municipality from 38% to 51% and then to 89%.
  • Use of constructed latrines and re-use of old unused latrines along with regular cleaning.
  • Coordination committee active in rural municipality and ward offices.
  • Latrine construction in 1092 households. (1391 households did not have latrine in the beginning).
  • 1000 households directly benefitted from the program.
  • Information provided to the local leaders and stakeholders regarding the situation and achievements of Sanitation campaigns of the nation and the district for carrying out sanitation campaign for ODF declaration.
  • Latrine construction in low cost through the utilization of local materials.
  • Commitment made by the Rural Municipality for ODF declaration after active local leaders and reaching the final step for ODF declaration.

Contact Information

  • Civic Forum for Sustainable Development
  • P.O. Box No. 33, Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok Nepal,
  • Phone : +977-11-490744, +977-9851254762
  • Email : info@civicforum.org.np

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