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Trail Bridge Sector Wide Approaches Program (TB SWAp), Dolakha District

Objectives: The main goal of the program is to contribute towards poverty reduction through improvement of access to social and basic services and economic resources and opportunities of the local people by building trail bridges within one hour detour.


Key Activities:

  • Community mobilization and facilitation in bridges construction.
  • Activate the user committees.
  • Facilitate for public hearing, public review and public audit.
  • Assist for social inclusion, transparency and livelihood building.
  • Over all construction supervision work during construction and erection of the bridge.
  • Oriented community on the Trail Bridge Program and Approaches; fill-out community application from.
  • Facilitate Details Survey, Design, Estimation of Trail Bridge and Still Truss Bridge.
  • Mobilize UCs members for the implementation of bridge building activities.
  • Conduct Bridge Construction supervision, Monitoring.
  • Supported for the technical and social organizational activities conduction in community.


Project period: 39 months 25 days (April 20, 2015-July 16, 2018)

Project Location: Dolakha, district 

Funding Partner (s): Office of District Coordination Committee (DCC)/DTO/Trail Bridge Sector Wide Approaches Program (TB SWAp), Dolakha

Implementation Partner (s): DTO, RM, Municipalities and User Committees (UCs)


Major Achievements:

  • Completion of New Construction 8 trail bridges in Dolakha district. Namely, Takding trail bridge (40m), Khoplang Halhale trail bridge (82m), Nagdhunga trail bridge (82.30m) Gandu Khola still truss bridge (24m), Patkari still truss bridge (28m), Toribari trail bridge (60m), Ghattekhola still truss bridge (32m) and Maurekhola trail bridge (105m).
  • The total beneficiaries from the aforementioned bridge construction are 5699 female and 5612 male within 2021 households.
  • Completion of Major Maintenance (MM) 9 trail bridges in Dolakha district. Namely, Jhanggrali trail bridge (86m), Maryang Khola still truss bridge (24m), Jaruwa Khola trail bridge (56m), Rigukabre trail bridge (75.90), Chikharidovan still truss bridge (32m), Chyotchyot trail bridge (63m), Ghudeghari trail bridge (68m), Bishnutole Charange trail bridge (62m) and Gairi trail bridge (37.5m).     
  • The total beneficiaries from the aforementioned bridge construction are 2913 female and 2824 male within 1157 households.     

Contact Information

  • Civic Forum for Sustainable Development
  • P.O. Box No. 33, Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok Nepal,
  • Phone : +977-11-490744, +977-9851254762
  • Email : info@civicforum.org.np

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